I hired the MoversFor.Me three times and I will give five stars for each work. I moved recently to Hershey, Pennsylvania, they came in team of four and unloaded 24 feet moving truck in less than 4 hours. It was hard and demanding job because I live in three story house and it is not easy to maneuver heavy furniture all way up with little space. Nothing was damaged, they were pleasant and very collaborative. I hired them again for landscaping and to waterproof part of foundation. Both of these jobs were done professionally and to my highest satisfaction
Now it is the best part: their prices are very competitive, 40-50% lower than competition. In technical contract it is very difficult to get affordable price, but they offer it. If you know what you like to do and if you have some idea how to accomplish your task the MoversFor.Me definitely can save you substantial money and resources.

Hershey, PA