Cancellation Policy

Standard Cancellation Clause

“I agree to pay the total charges for moving services to be provided by the labor llc. I understand that my deposit/fee represents only a portion of my total estimated service charges. For scheduling and routing purposes my deposit/fee is not refundable, unless I notify the Company at: 717-500-MOVE of my intent to cancel the estimate, change my pick up date, or place the move on hold, at least 5 business days (Holidays not included) prior to the pack or load date (whichever applies) listed above.

I understand that if I cancel my move less than 5 days prior to the scheduled pack or load date and the truck has not arrived at the pick-up location than I am only entitled to receive a credit of my deposit for future moving services to be used by the cardholder within a six month period from the date of cancellation. If I cancel my move less than 5 days prior to the scheduled pick-up or load date and the truck has arrived to attempt services then I am not entitled to a refund or a credit of my deposit/fee.”

We have several cancellation policies that vary based on when the cancellation is placed. The policies have been outlined below for your reference.

If you need to cancel your order but plan to reschedule for an unknown date in the future please review our “Pending” policy for additional options.

Standard Order Cancellation

A $50.00 fee applies to all cancelled orders assuming they do not meet the criteria of our Same Day or No Show cancellation policies. The $50.00 fee will be subtracted from your original deposit amount and the remaining balance will be paid to you by check within 7-10 business days.

“Pending” Status – Short Term Cancel

If your situation has changed and you are no longer sure of your moving dates or destination you may opt to move your reservation to pending status. This will cancel your current order(s) and allow them to be rescheduled at any time within six months without penalty. Orders can be rescheduled at any location in or outside the country, it is not tied to your original location. For example, if you originally scheduled your moving crew for Erie, PA but instead decide to move to York, PA you may still utilize the same order.

Same Day Cancellation

If you placed an order and require service for the same day we will do everything possible to accommodate your request. We require a deposit at the time of booking, if we are unsuccessful in scheduling a crew your deposit will be refunded. However, if a crew is confirmed and then a cancellation is made no refund will be provided.

No Show Fee

If a cancellation request is received after our crew departs for your location you will be charged a $150.00 no show fee in addition to the $50.00 cancellation fee. This fee will be charged to your credit card on file per our terms and conditions.

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