Professional Organizations

Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors

MoversFor.Me is a business partner member of the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors. Our partnership deepens our involvement in local real estate by providing education, community engagement, and valuable resources for realtors. By working collaboratively, we aim to facilitate smooth transitions for homeowners across Central Pennsylvania, contributing to the real estate ecosystem’s health and success. Expand your Network

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Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce

MoversFor.Me is a proud member of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to enhancing economic growth, mobility, and vitality in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties. As a catalyst for job creation and quality of life improvements in the region, the Chamber provides invaluable resources that we actively utilize for our own growth and development. Our affiliation underscores our commitment to contributing to the economic vibrancy of our community. Join the ranks of industry leaders

West Shore Chamber of Commerce

Moversfor.Me is an active member of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce, an organization known for its networking opportunities and principled, member-focused approach. We wholeheartedly align with their core values of friendliness, principled decision making, connectivity, and professionalism. By leveraging the Chamber’s educational opportunities, we continually seek to foster personal development and drive our business growth. Being part of this interconnected community reinforces our commitment to professional service and collaborative business practices. Start your journey.

African American Chamber

MoversFor.Me , as a certified minority business enterprise, is an active member of the African-American Chamber of Commerce of Central PA. This esteemed organization is dedicated to the economic empowerment and growth of minority-owned businesses in Central PA, a cause that we deeply align with. We value our strong partnerships within the Chamber, working collaboratively with other committee members to drive both our growth and the prosperity of the wider community. Build with us!

Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council

MoversForMe is proud to be certified by the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC), an organization committed to stimulating economic development with minority-owned businesses. While the EMSDC reaches out to both national and international entities, their primary focus, and ours, lies in Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. The council works diligently to foster the development of minority business enterprises, helping them align with corporations through Supplier Diversity channels. As a minority-owned business, we align with EMSDC’s mission and are eager to contribute to the economic growth and opportunity in our regions. Connect with experts.

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