Service Agreement

Before we provide our services, all customers are required to sign our updated service agreement. This ensures clarity in terms of roles and responsibilities.


As the customer, we ask that you:

– Stay available for questions throughout the move,

– Assist the Service Manager with inventory and condition checks,

– Confirm no items are left behind or damaged,

– Keep the moving area clear of pets, dependents, and debris,

– Have legal access to all moving locations.

Billing and Payment

Your initial deposit is non-refundable, with rescheduling incurring an admin fee. Payment, which can be made via cash, PayPal, credit, or debit card, is due immediately after work completion.

Additional services (e.g. shuttle services, extra packing, equipment shortage) will increase the cost.

Long Distance Moves

Long-distance moves, which are over 40 miles, will include a 5% service gratuity. The final costs are not guaranteed and are based on the actual weight and services provided.

Local Moves

Local moves will be billed at an hourly rate, reflecting service professional hours and vehicle service hours used.

Packing Services

Packing services will be invoiced separately, with payment due immediately after the services are rendered.


Invoices unpaid for 45 days will be referred for debt collection.

Method of Payment

Please inform us of your intended payment method in advance for efficient processing.

Returned & Late Payments

Returned checks carry a $40 fee, and overdue invoices accrue a late fee of 1.5% per five days overdue.

Dangerous Conditions

If a dangerous condition arises, we reserve the right to abort the job. Any costs related to the securement or storage of your goods will be your responsibility.

Review, Waivers, and Exclusions

Before starting any project, a walkthrough will be performed and the terms of service will be reviewed. MoversFor.Me is not responsible for conditions of certain materials like ceramic, granite, or marble, and conditions of electronics or appliances. 

Certain items like valuables, hazardous materials, alcohol, motor vehicles, heavy items, or certain types of household goods will not be moved.

Payment is due immediately after packing and unpacking for full-service moves.

Extra Services

MoversFor.Me, a licensed and insured moving company, will charge a junk removal fee for any items rejected at your new location. Requests for additional services need to be made through our call center.


Disputes under this Agreement will be resolved by confidential binding arbitration in Pennsylvania, or another agreed location, according to the American Arbitration Association’s Commercial Rules. The written decision includes costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees. The arbitrator should be experienced in Shipping and not affiliated with a competing entity.

Claim Submission

Claims must be clear and concise. Respondents have 20 days to file an answer or counterclaims.

Arbitrator Selection

Within 10 days of the arbitration demand, parties should select a joint arbitrator with at least five years of experience. If no agreement is reached, the Dauphin County Court can be petitioned.

Prehearing and Discovery

The arbitrator will set a conference to establish claims, defenses, and a schedule. Each party should voluntarily disclose relevant names, addresses, documents, and damage computations. Depositions are capped at eight hours per party. Expert witnesses should provide written reports detailing their opinions, the basis, facts and data considered, supporting exhibits, and a resume.


Motions must be preceded by a discussion with opposing counsel and the arbitrator’s approval.

Final Hearing

The final hearing will take place in Harrisburg, PA, within six months of the arbitrator’s appointment.


The arbitrator should issue a written award within 20 days after the hearing. Only actual damages are rewarded.


Sanctions may be imposed for non-compliance with discovery obligations or disruptive behavior.


Arbitration costs are shared unless specified otherwise by the arbitrator. Each party covers its own expenses and attorneys’ fees.

Judicial Confirmation

The arbitrator’s award can be confirmed, modified, or vacated by a court with jurisdiction.

No Invalidation

Non-adherence to deadlines by the arbitrator does not invalidate any Agreement provision.

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