Moving Protection

MoversFor.Me offers a basic Full Value Protection plan intended to safeguard your belongings during the move. Should something unexpected occur, this plan, subject to certain conditions, allows for the repair of damaged items and replacement of non-repairable or lost items up to a minimum declared value*. The goal of our Full Value Protection plan is to rectify matters swiftly, without requiring you to demonstrate that our negligence led to the loss or damage. This plan signifies our financial responsibility for your belongings within set limits.

However, it’s important to note that our Full Value Protection plan is not the same as moving insurance, such as what might be offered through your homeowner’s policy. Insurance operates under different legal terms and conditions which can vary between providers. For detailed understanding and coverage information, we recommend you consult directly with your insurance provider.

We at MoversFor.Me deeply appreciate your trust and want to ensure you comprehend our basic Full Value Protection option. This plan is a standard part of every initial quote we provide, aimed at safeguarding the value of your belongings.

Our standard Full Value Protection is calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of your shipment by $6 per pound. For instance, if your shipment weighs 5,000lbs, the calculated value would be $30,000 (5,000 multiplied by $6). You have the freedom to increase this amount before we start loading your shipment.

The High Value Inventory Form plays a pivotal role in this process. If you opt for our Full Value Protection, it’s crucial to list items in your shipment valued at $100 or more per pound. This could include items like artwork, a Rolex watch, designer clothing, electronics, and other valuable possessions.

For example, if you have a Rolex watch worth $5,000 but weighing less than a pound, this watch must be listed on your High Value Inventory Form. If the watch were to get lost in transit and hadn’t been listed, you wouldn’t receive the full replacement value, as its weight is less than a pound. However, if the watch had been noted on the form, you could be reimbursed up to the full replacement value of $5,000.

At MoversFor.Me, our primary commitment is ensuring that you’re fully protected and receive the utmost value in the event of any loss or damage. Rest assured, we’re here to support and guide you every step of your moving journey.

At MoversFor.Me, we want to ensure you are informed about all your options. One such option is the Minimum Liability Valuation, which applies if you choose not to utilize our standard Full Value Protection.

The Minimum Liability Valuation is a base coverage included in the cost of your move, as required by law. It offers coverage at $0.60 per pound per article. While this provides some protection, it’s worth noting that this minimum coverage might not fully cover the replacement cost of your items in the event of loss or damage.

For instance, if we were moving a TV for you that weighs 15lbs, and it gets lost or damaged during the move, under the Minimum Liability Valuation, you would receive 15lbs multiplied by $0.60 per pound, totaling $9.

To put it into another perspective, if you have a two-piece hutch weighing 275lbs, the coverage would only be $165 (275lbs multiplied by $0.60). For a table weighing 140lbs, the coverage would be $84 (140lbs multiplied by $0.60). As you can see, these values might not reflect the actual cost to replace these items.

While this option is less expensive upfront, we generally advise against it as it could leave you financially vulnerable depending on the item’s actual value. Always consider the worth of your items and select the coverage that best suits your needs. Our team at MoversFor.Me is here to help guide you through this process.

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