Service Agreement

This page is a standing Service Agreement between MoversFor.Me (MoversFor.Me, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958-9776) and a moving Customer (Customer).

This Service agreement was last updated July 5, 2016.

I. Terms

Contractor/Worker/Laborer – resource who performs the contracted services


  • administrative fee – fee for processing, scheduling and other move support systems
  • standard equipment fee – equipment used in a standard single home residential move, included but not limited to hand trucks, furniture blankets
  • additional equipment fee – equipment required that is beyond a residential move.

work hour/labor hour – an hour a worker spends any part above a minute travelling to or from a Customer location or performing contracted services

travel time – time spent driving to and from the MoversFor.Me preparation area to and from Customer Locations and between Customer Locations

vehicle travel mileage – mileage required to travel between MoversFor.Me preparation area to and from Customer Locations and between Customer Locations

location – an address or landmark used as a reference point for a move

long distance move –  a move that requires vehicle travel mileage over a value defined by PA state law. PA law found here. Estimate is based on a weight and mileage basis.

short distance move – a move that requires vehicle travel mileage under a value defined by PA state law. PA law found here. Short distance moves are billed at an hourly rate.

II. Scope Of Service

MoversFor.Me furnishes storage services which are subject to certain restrictions. In the event that the Customer fails to abide by the service restrictions, the Customer shall accept full liability and responsibility for any and all damages or losses that occur due to the Customer’s failure, willful or otherwise, to observe said restrictions. No services of storage shall be provided:

  1. For firearms
  2. No hazardous materials (including, but not limited to paints, chemicals, flammable substances, contents under pressure, etc.).
  3. For any items that are prohibited by any federal, state, or local laws or regulations.
  4. For items containing items of extraordinary value such as jewelry or collectibles.
  5. For single items that are valued at more than $1,000 (U.S.), or aggregate shipment values greater than $5,000 (U.S).
  6. For any living beings (such as plants or animals)


Review MoversFor.Me billing practices.


Moving help/labor only jobs require a two hour minimum. Moves (truck and labor) require a four hour minimum bill.


Customer deposit covers your first three hours of assistance depending on number of movers hired. A deposit is required to secure a reservation. The balance is due when the move is completed. Payment may be made by cash, or credit cards. Checks are not accepted for payment. If payment was made by credit card, your deposit, less the administrative fee, will be credited back to your card. If the deposit was made in cash, you will need to make arrangements to meet a representative of MoversFor.Me to have your deposit refunded, less the service charge.

Additional Costs

MoversFor.Me hereby agrees that it understands the requirements and intricacies of Customer’s move and that it will not charge Customer for any additional costs or for any services not described in this Agreement.


If you cancel a move 96 hours or more prior to your move, your deposit will be refunded less the administrative fee.


Payment is due, in full, at the completion of the move. For residential moves, payments can be made by credit card or cash to MoversFor.Me. In the event of non-payment, Customer agrees to pay interest at the rate of 1.5% compounded monthly on any past due balance. Customer agrees to pay expenses incurred by MoversFor.Me in seeking payment, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees. The highest handling charge allowed by law is issued to checks returned due to non-sufficient funds.

For local moves, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or cash. For long distance moves we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, cash or cashier’s check. Please note that there will be a 3% surcharge for using a credit card to pay for a long distance move.

No personal or business checks will be accepted for any type of move.

III. Licensing and Insurance

Moving Company hereby asserts that it is properly licensed and insured under applicable state and federal laws.

IV. Miscellaneous

Damage Claims

Although our movers will be careful with your possessions, from time to time damages may occur. If damage is caused by our service, MoversFor.Me reserves the right to repair the damage(s) in question. If we determine that a damage cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to either replace or compensate (actual cash value) for the damage. If there is damage, notify your movers immediately. They will submit a damage report by email to MoversFor.Me and the Customer before they leave the Customer site. If you discover damage after the move, call the office within 24 hours of your move. No damage claims will be honored until the charges for moving services are paid in full.

Damages Loading/Unloading

Damages caused while unloading/ loading your truck or storage unit: MoversFor.Me is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control. You will be
asked to sign a Release of Liability acknowledging this. MoversFor.Me is not responsible for items broken by customer on the job. MoversFor.Me are not responsible for damaged items that customer packed or loaded or unloaded themselves, particle board furniture or for lost jewelry. No transport of Fine China.

Upon delivery, MoversFor.Me is released of all liability for customer’s goods. Any noticeable damage or mishandling will have to be noted upon delivery by both Customer and crew and claims received in writing within 5 days of delivery. The Customer recognizes that only loss or damage caused by the negligence of MoversFor.Me will be covered by the MoversFor.Me declared value policy, as described in these Terms and Conditions. MoversFor.Me will only accept responsibility for obvious negligence or physical damage to the outside of boxes or furniture, not mechanical condition of any electronics.

MoversFor.Me when loading a pod or a third party’s vehicle is not responsible for any damages that may occur during transport.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of an alleged breach or a dispute that cannot be resolved without third party intervention, the Parties agree to resolve their dispute in arbitration.


This Agreement may be modified by subsequent agreement of the parties only by an instrument in writing signed by both of them or an oral agreement only to the extent that the parties carry it out.

V. Arbitration

Resolution of disputes concerning fees and other charges.

(a) Any claim, controversy or dispute, whether sounding in contract, statute, or tort, or any other legal theory, related directly or indirectly to the fees or other charges by our firm to you, including, but not limited to your non-payment of any amounts billed to you, shall be resolved by mandatory binding arbitration as prescribed in this section. the federal arbitration act, not state law, governs the question of whether a claim is subject to arbitration. you and our firm each agree to waive any right to trial in a court of law and any right to a trial by jury that may otherwise exist.

(b) The arbitration will be filed with and the arbitrator selected in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the american arbitration association. The arbitration shall be to a single arbitrator who is a licensed attorney with at least ten years experience in the jurisdiction in which the office of our attorney primarily responsible for your engagement is located, and the arbitration shall be held in that city.

(c) This agreement to arbitrate contains risks and benefits and requires each party to give up rights they would otherwise have. you are advised to seek independent counsel, and you are not required to agree to this provision. Arbitration may be a more efficient and less public means of resolving our disputes. however, by agreeing to this provision, you waive your right to bring an action in court, and to have a jury trial, and your right to an appeal. in most circumstances, the decision of the arbitrator is final and may not be appealed or challenged, except on very limited grounds. Discovery (the parties’ right to obtain information for each other and third parties) is or may be limited or precluded in arbitration.arbitration may be more or less expensive than an action in court. The arbitrator may allocate the costs of arbitration, including the fees of the arbitrator, to one or both of the parties. If you have any questions about arbitration or whether you should agree to this provision, seek independent legal advice or ask that this provision be deleted from our agreement with you before you sign it.

(d) This provision shall not apply in any jurisdiction in which it does not comply with the rules of professional conduct applicable to attorney

VI. Resources

The Customer should refer to “information for shippers”.

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